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Your septic tank alarm system is a critical tool that can alert you to malfunction in a specific septic component or provide a warning signal to a problem with the septic pump or system. If your septic alarm goes off, you may have the opportunity to catch a small problem and implement a minor repair before damaging your septic tank. Septic Medic has years of experience in dealing with septic tank alarm systems, troubleshooting drain issues, and installing every component of a septic sewer system.

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What is Your Septic Alarm Telling You?

Septic systems are often equipped with a variety of tank and pump alarms, including indoor and outdoor high water level alarms and flood alert systems. There are a number of reasons you may receive an alert from your septic alarm, ranging from flooding in the region, to lack of maintenance over the years, or even an issue with the septic tank itself.

3 Reasons Your Septic Alarm is Going Off

  1. Your septic pump alarm will warn you if you’re experiencing a “high-water” event and the system is unable to get the water out or process the waste.
  2. Household water overuse may result in too much water for your septic system to process and it simply needs more time to catch up.
  3. You could have a leak and the septic tank may be taking in ground water resulting in alert that tells you the septic system cannot manage the additional water.

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