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Septic Medic offers septic emergency services to customers in Pike County, PA. We understand that it is critical to have a properly functioning septic system at your home or property.

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Our goal is to get to your property and diagnose the situation quickly. Contact us to discuss your septic system emergency and we’ll get your septic system back on track.

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Common Septic System Emergencies

If your entire septic system shuts down, an emergency response is usually required. Be aware of both indoor and outdoor septic system emergencies. Often times, if you address a septic emergency quickly you reduce the damage and repair expenses.

Indoor Septic Emergencies

Pay attention to your sinks, tubs, and other indoor plumbing. A sink or toilet that is taking longer than usual to drain or are backing up with wastewater are signs of a septic emergency.

Outdoor Septic Emergencies

Inspect your property for broken pipes, backed up biohazard material, and wet, flooding drainage fields. If wastewater is not properly draining, then your chances of having contaminated biohazard material and pollutants increase.

Warning Signs Your Septic System is in Distress

There are often warning signs that precede a septic system emergency. If your property uses a private sewage system, educate yourself on some of the common signs that there are problems with the tank, drain field, or indoor plumbing components, including:

Septic Medic is available at a moment’s notice to help get your septic system diagnosed and operating properly.

Services Include:

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