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Septic System Maintenance

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If you live in or around Pike County, chances are you don’t have sewer access. In that case, all your liquids and wastes find their way down the drain and into your septic system. The system is responsible for dispersing treated liquids and decomposing solid wastes. So what does this mean for you and your septic system? It essentially means that you should be having maintenance performed on a regular basis to help avoid any issues down the road!

One of the basics when it comes to maintenance is making sure that you do not end up using excessive amounts of household chemicals and allowing them to get into the water system. Normal amounts of traditional cleaners such as detergents and drain cleaners will be fine, but there are a number of things that we recommend to stay away from. Septic Medic can help guide you towards reducing your reliance on certain chemicals and helping to prolong the life of your septic system.

Like anything else, your septic system requires routine maintenance to stay in prime working order. Septic Medic can handle all your maintenance needs. Call us now at 1-570-828-7444 and learn about our maintenance plans!

Why Your Septic System Needs Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Maintaining your septic system in a timely, routine manner is essential. Doing so can:

  • Keep your family healthy - If your system isn’t functioning properly, pollutants can find their way into your water. This can spread disease to your family and your neighbors.
  • Save you money - Prevent problems before they occur. Maintaining your system is cheaper than having to repair it.
  • Make your septic system last - Like any appliance or home system, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. And a well-maintained septic system will last you many, many years.

What Septic System Maintenance Entails

Ideally, your septic system should be inspected once each year. During this inspection, we will:

  • Check sludge levels
  • Look for liquid waste on the surface of the ground
  • Ensure that baffles are intact
  • Inspect the lid for cracks
  • And more

We will also give you tips on how you can best protect your individual system, including what you can put down your drains and what you cannot.

Have Your Septic System Inspected Now

If you haven’t had your system routinely maintained, you can start today with a full inspection. Septic Medic can have a look at your system and discuss our maintenance plans with you.

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