How Do I Keep My Septic System Healthy?

Avoid serious issues and expensive repair costs with a septic maintenance plan!

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Like anything else, your septic system requires routine maintenance to stay in prime working order. If you live in or around Pike County, chances are you don’t have sewer access. All your liquids and wastes find their way down the drain and into your septic system. The system is responsible for dispersing treated liquids and decomposing solid wastes. So what does this mean for you and your septic system? It means that you should be having septic maintenance services performed on a regular basis to help avoid more expensive septic problems down the road!

Septic Medic can handle all your septic maintenance for leach fields, septic tanks and baffles. Call us at 1-570-828-7444 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!

Importance of Regular Septic Maintenance Services

Timely and routine septic maintenance and an inspection of your septic tank and drain field is essential. Septic repairs can be costly, but a well-maintained septic system will last you many, many years.  If your septic system isn’t functioning properly, pollutants can find their way into your water. This can spread disease to your family and your neighbors. Annual septic maintenance will also help you maintain a healthy water supply and keep you and your family healthy. Ideally, your septic system should be inspected once each year. During a septic inspection you can expect the following areas to be throughly examined:

  • Check sludge levels
  • Look for liquid waste on the surface of the ground
  • Ensure that baffles are intact
  • Inspect the lid for cracks
  • Receive helpful tips about how to best protect your septic system and leach field.

Learn more about what to expect when you hire Septic Medic for routine septic maintenance.

Septic Maintenance System Basics

Maintaining safe sludge levels in your septic tank and being mindful of the items that go down your drain will keep your septic system running smoothly.  Many septic system owners want to do maintenance work, but is pumping your own septic tank smart? Septic Medic recommends hiring a professional for septic clean outs to avoid disastrous results like leaking raw sewage or breaking expensive components.

We also commonly see homeowners placing items down their drain that can cause clogs and erosion or pollute the water supply. Normal amounts of traditional cleaners such as detergents and drain cleaners will be fine, but there are a number of things that we recommend to stay away from such as non-biodegradable solids and plastics, cooking grease, and pharmaceuticals or excessive amounts of household chemicals. Septic Medic can help guide you towards reducing your reliance on certain chemicals and helping to prolong the life of your septic system.

Septic Maintenance Plans

Have your septic system inspected now and discuss routine maintenance plans with Septic Medic. Call us at 1-570-828-7444 to discuss the most common septic tank and leach field maintenance services.