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Septic System Replacement

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For every septic system installed, there are multiple aspects that need to be addressed in order to have it working correctly:

  1. The pipe that carries wastewater from your home to your septic tank.
  2. The septic tank which filters and holds wastewater.
  3. The leach field which collects liquid wastewater that exits the septic tank.

When septic tank repair or the repairing of the overall system does not make sense, a replacement of the entire septic system could end up being a better alternative.

If your septic system isn’t functioning properly, you have to get it taken care of immediately. In the event that your system can’t be fixed, you’ll need to turn to someone you can trust for septic system replacement. That’s where we come in. Call Septic Medic today at 1-570-828-7444!

Septic Tank Replacement

The septic tank is a critical main component of your home’s septic system. The septic tank collects wastewater that flows from your house, filters solid sludge to the bottom, oils to the top, and allows the remaining liquid to exit into the leach field.

There are a number of reasons your septic tank may not be operating properly.

  • Some chemicals and common household items are not suitable for septic systems and flushing these items can cause clogs and damage. Read our Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Tanks and learn how your septic tank operates and best maintenance practices.
  • Environmental factors like frequent and heavy rain could cause an imbalance in the sludge and water levels, disrupting your septic tank’s functionality.

If you are experiencing odors and flooding, or if you notice any cracks to the lid of your tank, Septic Medic will do an inspection to determine whether you need to consider a septic tank replacement.

What to Expect When You Replace Your Septic System with Septic Medic

Replacing a septic system or a septic tank is not a small task. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your old system may need to be removed. We can uninstall your old system and properly dispose of it.
  • The State may mandate a specific kind of system for your property. We will evaluate your lot and home to help determine which system your property will accommodate.
  • You need an expert installer - Once you have your new system, you need to make sure you have someone who can install it properly. Septic Medic can handle the job, cutting no corners, ensuring that your system lasts for the long haul.

We know we aren’t the only people out there who can replace your septic system. But we firmly believe you will benefit from doing business with us. Septic Medic are expert installers recognized as a leading provider of septic systems.

  • We are privately owned and operated - Our owner is personally involved in every project and is committed to each job being done correctly.
  • We emphasize quality - both products and service. We will evaluate and determine which system will properly accommodate your property based on usage, size and specific needs.
  • We’re fast and reliable - You can’t sit around and wait to have your system replaced. Count on us to get in and get the job done.

Find Out How You Can Get Your Septic System Replaced Now

Use the form on the left side of this page and tell us about your septic system problem! A professional technician will contact you to discuss your home’s septic tank replacement. We are here to answer any and all questions that you might have involving septic problems and septic system replacement.

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