How Do I Keep My Septic System Healthy?

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Septic system repair & tank replacement is not a small task. If your home or business’ sewage system isn’t functioning properly, you’ll want to have it taken care of immediately to avoid health risks and ground water contamination.

No job is too big or too small for Septic Medic. We can help to ensure that your residential septic system lasts for the long haul. If you have questions about your septic system, contact Septic Medic today

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Full Septic System Inspection

Our professional septic system repair contractors will address multiple aspects of your septic system during a site inspection. Septic Medic will evaluate all of the major components of your home’s sewage system, including:

  1. The pipe that carries wastewater from your home to your septic tank.
  2. The septic tank which filters and holds wastewater.
  3. The leach field which collects liquid wastewater that exits the septic tank.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is an issue with their septic tank, but the reality is that there comes a time when this is necessary. Trusted by homeowners in Pike County, PA, Septic Medic will offer you our professional opinion on whether your septic issue warrants a repair or if it needs a complete replacement. We pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly what they need and ensuring they are completely satisfied with the job. Septic Medic customers will get our best effort, and the best value for your septic system.

Septic System FAQs

What’s Wrong with my Septic Tank?

Are you experiencing odors or flooding coming from your septic system? Have you noticed any cracks to the lid of your septic tank? Septic Medic will do a full inspection of your residential sewage system to determine whether you need repairs or have to consider a septic tank replacement.

The septic tank is a critical main component of your home’s septic system. The septic tank collects wastewater that flows from your house, filters solid sludge to the bottom, oils to the top, and allows the remaining liquid to exit into the leach field.

There are a number of reasons your septic tank may not be operating properly.

  • Some chemicals and common household items are not suitable for septic systems and flushing these items can cause clogs and damage. Read our Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Tanks and learn how your septic tank operates and best maintenance practices.
  • Environmental factors like frequent and heavy rain could cause an imbalance in the sludge and water levels, disrupting your septic tank’s functionality.

What to Expect When You Replace Your Septic System

When septic tank repair or the repairing of the overall system does not make sense, a replacement of the entire septic system could be a better alternative. What can you expect when you replace your septic system with Septic Medic?

  1. Septic System Removal: Your old sewage system may need to be removed. We can uninstall your old system and properly dispose of your septic tank and other septic equipment.
  2. Attention to Detail: The State of Pennsylvania may mandate a specific kind of septic system for your property. We will evaluate your residence to help determine which septic system with properly accommodate your property.
  3. Permitting & Expert Installation: Once you have selected your new septic system equipment, Septic Medic will expertly install your replacement.

Septic Medic is a privately owned and operated local company that cares about the community. We are fast, reliable, and we always emphasize quality when it comes to septic system products and service. We firmly believe you will benefit from doing business with us – Call Today!