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Digging septic soil test pits is an important part of determining where we can install or modify a septic system. Soil and percolation test results help us to determine if the leach area will efficiently absorb effluent while protecting groundwater. The placement and testing of a septic soil pit are just as important as constructing and placing the entire system itself. Choosing the right spot to install a septic system will provide excellent absorption rates and improve the lifespan of your septic system.

Septic Medic professionals are committed to thoroughly examining your property with integrity and care and taking the time to design septic systems that will last for years to come. Learn more about our septic system design and tank installation services in Pike County, PA.

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Septic Soil Test Pits

Test pits are holes that must be excavated into the soil within the area of the septic system's proposed leach bed. These pits are necessary to determine the level of the seasonal high-water table and the depth of impermeable substratum.

Risks of a Poorly Installed Septic System

Water tables that rise too much could provide several risks to a septic system: one risk is that too much water within the soil could actually cause the tank to float, which could eventually lead to the piping and plumbing breaking. This could be catastrophic, causing a septic emergency, and result in a septic system replacement.

Soil Percolation Test for Septic Systems

Our percolation tests are designed to ensure that your system is in the optimal spot for drainage, as well as to ensure that there will be no issues with the water table down the road. Percolation tests are necessary to determine the soil's ability to leach liquid at an adequate rate. In other words, it helps to test how quickly a volume of water can be absorbed into the ground. This is a VERY important element of designing and building a septic system that will properly drain for years down the road.

Professional Septic System Services

Septic Medic stands by its principles to provide excellent services to our customers. We don’t skip corners and we don’t take the easy way out when it comes to septic tank installation or maintenance; we do things the right way! Our continually growing number of customers in Pike County, PA trust the quality of our work and value the experience that we bring to the table. Rest assured that you will receive the best care from Septic Medic.

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