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Septic Tank Installation & Repair

We are personally owned and operated, which means the owner is on the job site at all times. You can expect the highest level of service from Septic Medic. As a septic company with years of experience dealing with all types of conditions, our septic tank emergency services are available at any time. We also provide regular septic system installation, repair, and maintenance services. Quality and service is Septic Medics highest priority! Located in Dingmans Ferry, we serve Pike County, PA, including Delaware Township and surrounding areas.


Our Septic Services Include:


  • Septic tank installation occurring at a Pennsylvania residence.
  • In Pike County Pennsylvania a Septic Medic truck services a residential septic system
  • Septic Medic certified technician repairs and replaces a septic tank system in Pennsylvania
  • A septic tank is lowered into the ground at a Pike County Pennsylvania home by a Septic Medic technician
  • Septic system replacement underground and covered by dirt in Pike County Pennsylvania
  • Completed septic system installation underground and covered by dirt in Pike County Pennsylvania

Common Septic System Service Calls

Replace & Repair Septic Tank Systems

There are times when a septic tank will require repairs or even a complete replacement. Issues such as flooded waters in the drain field, toilets that are moving slowly, and various odors can mean that you are in need of septic system maintenance at a minimum. We will do a full inspection and advise you about necessary septic tank repair, or provide an estimate to replace your septic tank  if that is the best option for you.

Tank Pumping

This service focuses on pumping one’s septic tank to ensure that it does not overflow. It is often recommended to pump septic tanks every 2 to 4 years, or every 3 to 5 years. However, it is important to realize that the amount of water use can greatly affect the duration required for pumping. The more individuals that use the entire septic system, the more water flow that is used. Ultimately this means that more frequent pumping will be required due to the septic tank filling up faster. The rate of use is a factor to keep in mind when looking into tank pumping services; Septic Medic offers tank pumping and more.

Septic System Designs

Different land and property might call for different design elements to ensure a properly functioning septic system; the average system is comprised of two elements: the septic tank and the absorption field. Some systems, however, may require a third component often referred to as a dosing or pumping tank. You may even need a septic drainage field. In these cases, Our septic system installation services include design solutions focused around your particular needs, providing you with a quality system.

Response to Septic Alarms

We all know that no system is perfect, and the same applies to septic systems. There are times an emergency could happen at a moment’s notice, which could even quickly surpass many of the normal warnings signs. Septic Medic recognizes the importance of having a quality service available at a moment’s notice, and is available to address any septic alarms and emergencies, big or small. A septic alarm is usually an indication of high water in the pump tank, which means there is some sort of problem with the pump itself. If not addressed water will start backing up into the house, and this can happen in a matter of hours or days.

Clogged Drain Snake Service

Owning a property or home that has more than one clogged toilet, bath, or sink, it could actually mean an issue with the main septic sewer drain. When this occurs, sewage can end up flowing into lower-lying drain openings, which can cause a serious backlog resulting in foul odors. Our Clogged Drain Snake Service can eliminate these issues resulting in a clean and problem-free septic system.

Emergency Response

Septic Medic is available for any and all septic tank and system emergencies. Contact us at 570-828-7444 for all of your septic system service needs.

Test Pits and Percolation Tests

Digging test pits is going to determine the type of system you are going to need. The percolation tests are going to determine the size of your septic fields.

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