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Septic Medic Community Involvement

At Septic Medic, we are firm believers in maintaining and building strong ties within our community. Located in Dingmans Ferry, PA, we are always looking for ways to improve our standing with not just our customers, but with everyone in this town, connecting towns and the northeast Pennsylvania region as well. While septic pumping, repair, and installation is the main focus of our business, ultimately we feel that it is just as important to be able to make a deep impact that resonates with our community.

Safe Haven

Septic Medic has recently made a donation to the local Safe Haven, and we feel this is an important for our community. Abuse of women in relationships is a serious issue, and each state offers the ability for women to escape troubling and abusive situations. When a situation takes place in a home, such as domestic violence or troubling abuse, Safe Haven provides temporary emergency shelter for women, their children and even their pets. Meals are provided to them daily, assistance is provided for their children and there is also safety planning available.

The entire process is safe and anonymous for those who are escaping a serious situation, but the program requires a good deal of support to ascertain that these families have the ability to succeed, as well as have their needs met. The Safe Haven program is a great organization that makes sure that no one in the state of Pennsylvania has to suffer from abuse, neglect and a lack of helpful resources.

Septic Medic also encourages other individuals and businesses in the region to donate to other non-profit organizations that are based in their community. Through working together and with a desire to make everyone’s life better in different ways, we feel that this is a crucial element of being a business in a community. The best place to start giving and caring is in your own home – move outward and your sphere of care can make even more monumental impacts.

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