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Septic System Installation

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Not all septic systems are the same; in fact, many homes and properties often require various layouts and planning in order to not only fit the proper equipment necessary to run a septic system, but also to ensure that everything will flow right over the duration of years to come. Installations can be a challenging task, which is why we believe that Septic Medic offers you extremely cost-effective options along with a team that focuses on the best customer service experience possible.

Are you building a home or business in or around Pike County? Then chances are you need a new septic system installed. Let Septic Medic handle the job for you. Contact us now at 1-570-828-7444 for a free estimate!

What Our Septic System Installation Services Include

When you contact us to install a new septic system, here’s what you can expect:

  • Site evaluation - Before a system is chosen, we will come out and evaluate your land and structure and then recommend what the best system is based on state mandates for your situation.
  • Septic System Design - We will design the entire system from the ground up, including size and location.
  • Permitting - We’ll submit all the proper permit applications to the township to make sure everything is done on the up and up.
  • Installation - From site prep to system installation, we’ll make sure everything is put together and functioning properly.
  • Orientation - Once it’s all said and done, count on Septic Medic to make sure you are well-acquainted with your new system.

Why You Should Let Septic Medic Install Your New Septic System

Wondering why you should have us install your new septic system instead of some other company? Here are a few reasons worth mentioning:

  • You can depend on us - Septic Medic is known for providing quick, reliable service.
  • We’re owner operated - The owner is onsite at every job, making sure all goes well.
  • We build relationships - We won’t just come in, install your system, and leave you high and dry. Count on us to stick around and make sure you know how to handle the system. We even offer routine maintenance plans, ensuring the longevity of your new septic system.

Are you debating investing in a septic tank and septic system for your property, home or vacation home? At Septic Medic, we understand the care and planning that is required to build a system that will serve your needs for years down the road. No two properties are alike, and we excel at providing quality work along with one of the best customer service experiences around. We continue to have repeat business year after year due to our knowledge in the industry and years of experience. If interested, contact us today!

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