How Do I Keep My Septic System Healthy?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Septic Systems

Septic tanks are a vital piece of your property’s wastewater system. Understanding the most common septic tank problems and having the knowledge to prevent inconveniences is crucial to limiting the number of costly septic repairs or replacements.

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Septic Medic is a privately owned and operated septic repair company located in Dingmans Ferry, PA. We provide fast and efficient septic tank repair and maintenance services to residents in Pike County, PA. If your sewage treatment system malfunctions it can lead to hazardous and expensive repairs or replacement. We’re available to quickly address emergency septic problems and perform routine septic tank clean-outs.

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A septic system is designed to filter wastewater. Pipes carry wastewater from your home into the septic tank. Inside the septic tank, there are three layers of waste, including sludge (solid matter), scum (grease, oils, fats), and effluent (remaining wastewater that flows out of the tank into the drain field). A properly working septic drain field, also called a leach field, will filter wastewater slowly and safely by the soil.

Properties located in remote regions may be equipped with a septic tank and a personal sewage system because they are not served by municipal sewer lines. Septic Systems are a great alternative to city sewer systems. In Pike County and throughout Pennsylvania, many homeowners and businesses have a septic system installed on the property to meet small-scale sewage necessities.

There comes a time when every septic system requires routine maintenance and inspection services Whether it is a clogged drainpipe, seepage problems, or even a crack in the septic tank itself, emergencies do happen. It is important to keep an eye open to the various warning signs that may turn up at a moment’s notice. Some of the warning signs to be aware of are:

  1. Odors coming from the drain field after heavy rain fall.
  2. Toilets, bathtubs, or sinks are slow to drainor you see standing water.
  3. Strange noises, such as burbling are heard in pipes.
  4. The septic tank alarm goes off.

Avoid costly septic repairs or replacements by learning how to properly maintain a septic tank and recognize the signs of a potentially serious septic problem.

Contact Septic Medic to discuss any septic system problems you are currently having, or to learn how to prepare for potential problems in the future. Even a high-quality septic tank and system requires regular maintenance to work at maximum efficiency. Our septic system services include:

We serve homeowners and businesses in Pike County, PA, including Delaware, Lehman, Milford, Wild Aches, Dingmans Ferry, Unity House, Milford, Birchwood Lakes, Conashaugh, and Bushkill.

When your septic tank is not properly processing wastewater or connecting pipes become clogged, the risk of system failure increases and can often lead to expensive repair and replacement costs. Connect with a professional septic maintenance and repair company to learn about the common reasons your septic tank can fail and schedule regular pumping and maintenance services to prevent expensive damage.

Trees and landscaping can have a big impact on your septic systems drain field. It is important to consult with your septic tank professional at Septic Medic about whether or not any of the trees on your property are at risk of intruding on pipes and ensure your leach field is draining properly. The Bushkill Falls and other heavily wooded areas nearby often experience unique issues with their septic systems.