How Do I Keep My Septic System Healthy?

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How long has it been since you had your septic system pumped and cleaned? Did you know that septic system pumping and tank clean outs are recommended every 3 to 5 years? The overall quality and dependability of your sewage system directly depends on how well you keep up on its maintenance. Maintenance of a septic system can be comparable to owning a vehicle. With a car or any mode of traditional transportation, one always needs to be aware of the type of fuel it consumes, make certainly to get its regularly scheduled oil changes to ensure optimal efficiency, as well as change parts that wear such as the tires, rotors, brakes and so forth. A house or property that utilizes a septic tank system is likely even more important when it comes down to it: it is where you reside!

Pumping and cleaning of septic tanks should be on the mind of every owner who utilizes a septic system. Keeping everything up to date will ensure that you will have the best chance possible of eliminating issues for years down the road. The last thing anyone should do is delay regular maintenance: why take the chance of prolonging the issues or making them worse if they eventually arrive? Maintenance is king when it comes to septic tank problems.

If it’s been a while since your system has been cleaned, or if you are interested in scheduling a check-up to make sure everything looks good for the time being, it’s time you gave Septic Medic a call. Contact us now at 1-570-828-7444!

Why Get Your Septic System Cleaned?

The way a septic system works is by creating an environment where bacteria thrives and breaks down solid waste. However, what you probably didn’t know is that even a well-functioning system needs to be cleaned from time to time. Here’s why:

  • Protect your health - A system that isn’t properly functioning can spread disease.
  • You’ll save money - Let’s face it…a new system isn’t cheap. Keeping your system clean will ensure a long, useful life.
  • Help the environment - Insufficiently treated sewage released from tanks can pollute groundwater, harming the environment.

How to Know It’s Time to Pump Out Your Septic Tank

So how do you know when that time is? As we said above, you want to think about pumping your septic tank every 5 years at minimum. The more people you have using the system and the more water you use, the more often you need to pump. In some situations you may be pumping as frequently as every two years.

But how can you tell it’s time to clean your system? According to the EPA, if you take a look at the actual tank, you’ll see a floating layer of scum. When the bottom of that layer is within half a foot of the outlet tee, then it’s time to pump. The EPA also states that if the sludge area has risen within a foot of the outlet tee then you should consider cleaning out the tank.

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